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Privacy policies of any company underscore their very demeanor of taking the privacy of people they interact with seriously. These policies design their future behavior with the people they deal with. 

Likewise, Saleison found it direly relatable to delineate its privacy policies. Here we are to keep the record straight:

Our data protection regulations: 

It is intimated to all that Saleison manipulate your data to keep the business updated and to provide you the best service throughout. If you agree to our terms of use then it would have certainly meant that you have accustomed yourself to our policies. A person dubious of Saleison policies should refrain from adapting to the services of the Saleison. The age limit of 18 years has been asserted for every user. However, a buyer of age 13 can buy as well under the supervision of the account holder. 

Any illicit activity done by a minor from your account would lead to legal action against your account. By complying with our terms, you are giving Saleison permission to process your data not only in the US but also in countries where Saleison is operative.

Information gathered or acquired 

To proliferate business, we use your information. To elaborate on our ways of collecting your data, here are a few of them, the data you enter yourself, the data from your search history on our website while navigating our products, and the browser you use is the way of dispersing your information to us.

To keep using our services, you may put up to an agreement with the company. For that, you would have to submit to a functional email address.

You would be asked to create a profile inserting all the valid information. We could have asked you for preliminary information like name, city, country, phone number, and email address. You need to enter all the queries to establish a profile on our site.

Our system automatically collects your data and stores information like the products of your interest and the items you have come across. This gathered information is for the sake of showing you your products of interest every time you visit the website.

Your location shall be detected by our system to locate the items of your demand nearby you. This maneuver shall help the retailers to direct the feed towards your browser assisting you to meet the most appropriate product.

The analytics generated by the software tell us about how and when the website has been visited and any activity has been done on it. These analytics of the websites are bot intermingled or manipulated with your data.

If you ever get registered on Saleison through some linking network then Saleison has the right of acquiring the information from the third-party information source. 

We get access to the third party when they subscribe to Salesison’s newsletter or any other offer. We keep their information intact to bring them our product details and information.

You will get messages from Saleison when the website needed to intimate you about the offers, marketing messages, and updates. You are prone to receive message notifications from Saleison. 

The information gathered by Saleison is never shared with anyone unless it has become mandatory to do so for the sake of security and the privacy retention of the website. Such action will always be followed by legal rationale.

Our Honest & Legal Interests

We, as the most thriving and flourishing e-commerce company, look forward to serving our legal interests for which we have set a bunch of rules and guiding manuals.

We will humbly like to exploit our legal right of informing you about our offers and updates through marketing messages. These automated messages will serve their ultimate purpose of informing you and thus will be expected to receive at times.

Saleison company has resolved to perform all the business dealings in an honest and professional manner. We expect no bigotry to be done from our side of administration to the common people. Likewise, we will depreciate any effort of defrauding the company from the client side.

This company has been set up for buying and selling only. We are looking forward to accomplishing the task and would remain focused on improving our services. Your data in this regard might be shared between the concerned personnel members for the sake of processing the order. But using your or our information for personal utilization is strictly prohibited.

It is informed to every person visiting the site, who intended to buy the products that we automatically control the flow of information on your web page based on your interests in a specific product. For that, we may take help from your web history. But all would be done for the sake of presenting you with the best product you would like.

We put a strong emphasis on the protection of your private data. We adhere to industry standards to protect your information both during shipment and after getting a receipt. your account details are maintained by a security and encryption system.  we will make every effort to give you the best security for your information, but there’s never an utter guarantee of security to the online data.

Your account is password-protected, therefore it’s very important that you keep it safe from illegal access by keeping your password to yourself and selecting it very carefully. After using Saleison services, you should sign out of your account to prevent unauthorized users from utilizing it. For your sake, Saleison has set up authentication and various check posts to keep an eye on the account activity.

Saleison has the right to keep your information on file for as long as we deem it essential to accomplish the goals outlined in this policy, for as long as your account is active, or it’s necessary to provide you with our services. Retention is also required in order to settle any disputes and uphold our agreement. Your username or email address cannot be used on a new account once you close your current one. For in-depth examination, we maintain the log data as well when they are required for the site’s safety and security, to increase the site’s effectiveness or functioning, or when we are required by law to keep the data for a longer period of time.

Your right and decisions 

The consumer has more power to protect their privacy, thanks to Saleison’s compliance with numerous privacy laws. These laws fully apply to Saleison Company. It grants you complete control over the ability to update, delete, or access information and gives you a variety of contact options. Your account settings are where you may modify your personal information. Additionally, if you no longer want optional information, like your name, to be made public, you can remove it. You can ask for the deletion of your personal data and the permanent cancellation of your account. You might also have some rights in relation to the information depending on where you are. While some of these rights are generally applicable, others have specific instances where they do not.

From your account privacy settings, you can access the personal data associated with your account. You can ask for a copy of this information along with details on its usage.

You have a right to correct the personal information provided to the site at any time in your life.

You may, in some circumstances, limit our access to and our use of your information and direct us to cancel the processing.

You have the right to object in some cases. when we access and process personal information for the public’s legitimate interests. In such situations, we shall stop processing your information unless it is required by law or we have a legitimate reason to keep doing so. You can object when your data is used for marketing purposes by clicking the unsubscribe link in the email or by adjusting the email preferences associated with your account.

Your permission is required by the Saleison enterprise to process your data. You can withdraw it by using particular features, such as privacy settings or unsubscribe buttons in emails. You can revoke your agreement to share your location through your mobile device if you have already given it permission to do so by navigating to your mobile settings.

If you utilize Saleison’s services, you might obtain personal information and decide what to do with it. Meanwhile, as a seller, we have also maintained our seller’s policies to inform you about our rights as a seller.

With time, we might make modifications to this privacy statement. If we determine that the changes are significant, we will let you know by posting a notice about the changes on our Services, emailing you, or posting an update. We advise you to regularly examine and check for updates.

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